24 February 2014

New Chapter

I don't really write that much on my blog anymore. Lately I just posted pictures, wrote some credits under them and done. The last time I wrote a whole long post was back then when I was in college. This 2014, I made a whole long list of stuff that I wanted to catch up, and started to write again is one of them.

I remember back then I used to write a lot and it allowed me to connected to a lot of people who read my blog. Some of them came from another side of the world, strangers that I've never met, but we're just be able to throw comments about stuff. An hour ago, after a long hiatus of writing, I scrolled back to my blog and I guess it's kinda lame here. I don't even know if someone ever visit this blog anymore. But soon, less than a week, I'll have the privilege to write more often, because I will have more free time to sit on my laptop, focus on my life and things that I've always wanted to do. My own business to run. 

A lot of people asked me questions like what am I going to do? where am I going to work? how am I going to fund myself? most of them also asked why I wanted to do it? - for the first three questions, I have no idea yet, but I will try it anyway. I am on my 20s now, where I still have the privilege to jump here and there, live life like there's no tomorrow and try a lot of things, coz I wanted to look back one day and say - I can't believe I did it, instead of saying I wished I did it - here goes my 20s brain talking. 

This is me and my grandpa. He wasn't around for too long in my life, but he left a mark that play a big role of who I am today. He is the reason why I wanted to run my own business. His point of view just simply inspired me to fly this far. 

"I am not going to leave that much money on my account for my kids and my grandchildren, but I have my business on the run that I will leave for them to run to. I don't see the point of leaving so much money if they have no idea how to manage, but through this business, they will be able to make their own cash. They just need to keep it moving."

I do have this photography things that I've been trying to focus on for about 3 years now. There were so many ups and down on the process, but yet I am standing still and not planning to quit anytime soon. Amazing things will happen to good people they say. Here I am trying to pitch for the job, hopefully there will be more photography job coming in. I have so much on my head right now, concepts and ideas ready for execution and just within a week I will be able to do it and I really can't wait. Bare with me.

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